• Museum Technology Pedagogy

    University museum technology courses are one means by which college students make their way into the professional world of culturage heritage informatics.  As a museum studies educator who has participated in two THAT Camps already, one topic that I wish had been discussed more is museum technology pedagogy.

    I’d love to talk with other THAT Campers about balancing theory and practice in the university museum studies / museum technology classroom.  Striking a balance for students between lecture and discussion and actually playing around with various technologies is a crucial tight-rope act that museum studies educators must perform.  I would like to start a conversation to share my own experiences and to find out:

    • what texts other folks are using,
    • what technologies other educators are teaching or demoing in their museum studies classrooms,
    • the balance they’re striking between traditional course texts and online texts such as blogs,
    • the balance they’re striking between lecture / discussion and technology demos, etc.


  1. scoutcalvert says:

    I would like to know more about museum technology in general. I don’t have anything to give to your questions, but would like to know more about the kinds of technologies used in museum work these days.

  2. sikarskie says:

    I was thinking of in-gallery technologies (such as Microsoft Surface), mobile apps, and online tools such as social media, virtual worlds, digital games, collections management software, etc etc.

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