• This Proposal is Cloudy

    Help me clear things up! Get it, cloudy – clear things up?

    The Cloud
    I can talk about either or both:

    1. What is “the cloud.” I can give a talk about what is meant by “the cloud.” I’d share what I’ve learned so far regarding outsourcing work to the cloud. I can also highlight some questions and concerns I have.
    2. I can talk more specifically just about the cloud service Google Apps which I administer at MSU. I just started running faculty training for Google Apps too. Therefore, I know about both the user side and administrative side. This would be less general cloud discussion and more practical Google Apps training.

    Getting Support in Open Source Software Communities

    I also have a strong background working with Open Source software. I gave a talk about a year ago regarding how support (i.e. help from people) differs between open source software and proprietary software. In order to trigger action:Open Source -> Rhetoric, Proprietary -> Money. I can tell you how to write a better bug report or feature request. I like thinking of this as hacking the community.

    If no one comments, I’ll pick something and put here or in the comments.



  1. emarsh says:

    This sounds interesting to me. I wonder if the cloud and the open source parts can be combined, i.e. are there open source cloud solutions?

  2. arsab says:

    DSpace has been installed on cloud servers such as Amazon’s AWS, and it works fine. A number of institutions in Ohio are using the cloud to make digital library collections available.

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