• Defining the Game in a Digital Age

    My work considers the long history and phenomenon of the game, but in this session I am interested in discussing the nature of the video game specifically. How do we understand concepts like ludology, narrative, gamification, platforms, and video games? What makes the video game unique from traditional games? I’d like to open an invitation to meet and discuss with other scholars the major issues in theorizing and understanding the video game.

    I am also interested in the video game as object for born digital preservation. How do we determine the significant properties of a game for preservation? What does it mean to preserve Super Mario Bros. for people to play in 2111?  What is the relationship of fan communities and preservation? These questions are important not only for preserving video games but all software generally. In a digital age, the worlds we create are often all too ephemeral. How can we give them permanence for future generations?

    Mostly, I’d like the session to be an opportunity to meet local game scholars and hear about the work they’re doing. In the upcoming year, I’ll be writing my dissertation from Michigan and I am interested in creating new connections with others that share a passion for video game studies.


  1. Definitely interested in this.

  2. katymeyers says:

    I’ve only just started on learning about the more theoretical aspects of video games, but as a gamer and as someone currently working on a serious game I would love to learn more and participate in a conversation like this!

  3. Gavin Craig says:

    In reading a lot of other descriptions, I think my own original proposal is (oddly) too “traditional conference.” But I’m 100% percent with you that we need something about games–and I’d really love to talk about games themselves or the material/technical aspects of their “preservation” as much as “gamification” (that’s the old lit major in me talking.)

    It was great to meet you in the boot camp this morning. Let’s meet up at the opening session tomorrow and figure out a way to do this

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