• Digital Skills in Graduate School: What are the essentials?

    I propose a topic that will discuss ways to incorporate digital skills into graduate education. This topic hopes to stimulate conversation about ways digital skills can enhance the visibility and marketability of the student while in graduate school and beyond. We will also discuss ideas about what should happen once the student acquires digital skills. This topic will encourage participants to think about their respective field and discuss ways to contribute in the form of possible digital projects. Potential discussion questions are as follows: How do you teach digital skills? What is the essential background every graduate student should have? Should this be in the form of a course, a series of workshops, or both? Should it be student driven based on topics students want to cover?


  1. This post seems like it could link up with the one on GradHacker as well as the one on DH Lite.

  2. LMaruca says:

    I agree! There seems to be an interesting thread running through here about graduate students, which is nice since most pedagogy discussions focus on undergrads.

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