• Digitizing for online use – what’s good enough?

    Digitizing media, in whatever form, nearly always involves digitizing to certain specifications. 300dpi along the long dimensions for some objects, 24bit/96k .wav files for some audio, or 50 mBit sec video saved to as DV in a .mv wrapper… The numbers and formats all have meaning as we archive, compress, and distribute scanned photos, digitized audio, and streamed video; the numbers and formats can also become a confusing, swirling roadblock for humanists unaccustomed to digital media.

    “I just want to get this online so I can use it.”

    What’s good enough to put online? And when do archival specifications for digital media matter, given source, audience, and mitigating factors of budget and time? I’d like to begin a conversation about digitizing materials for online use, knowing the discussion could quickly become technical yet hoping we can avoid the specifications of digital files for a while and talk more openly about what is good enough. And, just as importantly, when do archival specifications for digitizing materials matter?

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  1. Rebecca Welzenbach says:

    #thingsthatkeepmeupatnight. Definitely interested in this topic.

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