• Exploring the Publishing Needs of Digital Humanities Scholars

    (I share this proposal with my colleague Maria Bonn, AUL for Publishing.)

    What do you want from your publisher? Is it important to you that your publication be open access? In print? Have a nice cover? Do you want to see your book at scholarly conferences? Do you need help shaping your ideas and prose into final form? Or do you want assistance in giving your ideas an online life? Maybe you need help navigating digital permissions or understanding how you can use social media to promote your work?

    The ways in which we “do” scholarship are changing and so are the many ways in which we publish academic work and spread scholarly ideas. MPublishing wants to be responsive to the needs of scholars and to help design effective and affordable ways to get out the scholarly word.

    MPublishing is the newly formed hub of publishing at the University of Michigan, a merger of the University of Michigan Press and library-based publishing initiatives that support a range of publishing styles and services — from open access journal hosting to disciplinary based monograph publishing, digital archives, reprint publishing from our library’s collections, and more.

    We’d like to talk with humanities researchers about specific publishing needs they have that are either being unmet or are underserved by the current scholarly publishing landscape. For instance, among digital humanities practitioners, lightweight, DIY methods of scholarly conversation via Twitter, blogs, and other forms of networked discourse have widespread adoption. Yet formal models of publication such as the book and journal article remain required for tenure and promotion. We wonder whether a library-based publisher might develop services and tools to mediate between informal and formal publication styles and genres, helping to make the best of both worlds.

    This session aligns well with sessions that have already been proposed, such as On the Possibilities of New Publications and Reviewing the Review.

    We look forward to some pub chat with you all!

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