• KORA Account Contest – Update

    So we are extending the account giveaway proposal deadline until a week *after* GLTC ’11 (Sun May 11, 2011),  so people can check out the talk and submit some great proposals!

    A couple things I would like to point out to make sure there is no confusion:

    • KORA is open source and free – the value associated with it is related to hosting costs, not costs for using KORA.
    • Any data you put in to KORA is yours and you are able to export it from KORA at the end of the free year.  If you decide to run KORA on your own host you can easily import your data as well.
    • If you have *any* KORA questions please come to the KORA session tomorrow at 9am in room C202, email matt [dot] geimer [at] matrix [dot] msu [dot] edu, or twitter @mastermattg

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