• KORA: The Ponies Strike Back

    Yep, I’m back.  With KORA.   I will be talking about KORA.  Getting excited about KORA.  Getting you excited about KORA!  This year I will focus on KORA itself and how to use it and the features it has.  I will be showing off a *bunch* of new things, including some items regarding publicly submitted data, video tool(s), some work on integrations with other platforms, and maybe a couple other tricks up my sleeve (like some new searching fun!).

    If you don’t know what KORA is you can check out the sourceforge page to learn more.  Basically it is a platform that allows users to easily create records of digital objects and their associated metadata.  KORA also provides a programming interface that allows robust data retrieval.  It is great for people who want an easy to use system that is web accessible for adding data from anywhere in the world.  It has a small footprint. It will cook you dinner. It serves as the data management platform at MATRIX for many projects including the Quilt Index, Overcoming Apartheid, and American Black Journal.  Overall, KORA is pretty sweet.

    SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT:  We (MATRIX) are GIVING AWAY FOR FREE (sorry for yelling) 10 accounts to use KORA hosted at MATRIX for a year (each worth $100)!  I will give more details before 2011 GLTC, but there will be a short (1 page or less) proposal required.  There will be a 1 hour training/consultation session provided for each of the winners as well to make sure they (and their projects) get the most out of KORA.

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  1. ajgulyas says:

    Hoping to make it to this one– I’m on the committee looking into setting up an institutional repository at our school and I would like to go to the first meeting sounding like I know something!

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