• Using Art to Teach Science

    Hi All,

    I’m interested in discussing how digital arts and media can be used to improve science education.  I find the more I increase art and media in my classes, the more I see engagement from students and interest from faculty peers.  Currently I teach with items and activities like comics, paper animations, student generated paper models and most recently working on augmented reality.  I would love to brainstorm other options or discuss  general theory about the benefits or detriments of cross-communication between arts/digital media and the sciences.  Other topics might include overcoming subject anxiety, learning through a maker community, art and online pedagogy, etc…

    Really looking forward to meeting and chatting!


  1. aristotlejulep says:

    I love this idea!

    I seem to remember some research done a few years back on teaching science using poetry, and there are several interesting anthologies that study the intersections between science and poetry/poetics.

    Going a specifically digital route with this would be a really interesting challenge. I can think of a lot of cool possibilities. Do we use the techniques of poetry (perhaps the unique challenges of form and meter) to teach things like computer programming/coding, DNA sequencing, chemistry, etc.?

    I look forward to talking with you at THATCamp!

  2. Craniumation says:

    These would be extremely fun to see/do! Also if you can find the anthology references, I would love to see them.

    One further wrinkle on this is the possible use of art forms as analogy. If poetry actually is like sequencing because…(insert rationale I haven’t figured out yet), then it becomes a more potent vehicle for learning. This may be too much to expect…but it would be cool 🙂

  3. Wayne Johnston says:

    There are a couple of developments at my campus which might be worth bringing into the conversation.

    One is a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences program:
    “Our students thrive in Science labs while also studying Music, Theatre Studies or Languages. Some combine Biology and Fine Art with the intention to work in medical illustration. And others are finding intriguing connections between French Studies and Food Sciences. The possible combinations are endless.”

    Another is a lecture series called ASTRA:
    “The Arts, Science and Technology Research Alliance (ASTRA) aims to bring together researchers across the University of Guelph whose interests lie within an intersection of the sciences, the humanities and the fine arts.”

    I’d be keen to contribute thoughts related to either of these if it seems pertinent.

  4. Craniumation says:

    hmmm yes those would be very nice to hear about…
    *he said with envy oozing from every pore :)*

  5. kimlacey says:

    [insert shameless plug] Over at HASTAC.org we’re having a conversation about the blending of art and science through media. I’d be very interested in continuing this conversation this weekend! One of the major topics has been the idea of living art–does plastination count? What about necropolitics? All really cool ideas–thanks for initiating this topic!

  6. Craniumation says:

    Not digital in nature but a cool art/science mix…Math and Crocheted Coral Reefs.

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