• Dork Shorts!

    As promised, we’re going to do Dork Shorts at the beginning of the closing session (in the Snyder Phillips Theater – where we had the Opening/Scheduling session).  Remember, Dork Shorts are 2 minutes for you to showcase/present/talk about a project, app, website, program, initiative, etc, etc, etc,.  Anything you want to show off to the Great Lakes THATCamp crowd – this is the time/place to do it.  And yes, the 2 minutes is strictly enforced!

    Just “sign up” to do a dork short by commenting up this post.


  1. katymeyers says:

    I will be dork shorting about my CHI project: using Omeka to create digital exhibit for Campus Archaeology. I have been gifted extra minutes from Chris, Lynne and Ranti… so technically I get 8 minutes.

  2. thats a no-no…no gifting time. 2 minutes is park of the fun!

  3. ranti says:

    Aww… Ethan hath spoketh. Sorry, Katy. I’m sure you can do the 2-minute talk effectively.

  4. aristotlejulep says:

    I thought this was about clothing.

  5. I’d like to be dorky for two minutes.

  6. correction: I’d like to be dorky for *just* two minutes (sigh)

  7. sikarskie says:

    Quilt Index! w/ Justine

  8. katymeyers says:

    Micalee and Alex are going to dork about GradHacker while I hula hoop.

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