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    Empowering everyone to add to “History”

    Saturday, April 30th, 2011 | Adamkempa

    Hi everyone! I’m a web developer, and my primary motivation for attending THATcamp was to hopefully gain a bit more visibility into the world of the institutions that I’ve been working with on whatwasthere.com – a site built to present historical photography in a geospatial context, amidst the modern-day landscape.

    I’m interested in discussing the challenges in attempting to crowdsource the process of metadata aggregation across a wider audience – especially in gathering non-textual metadata, such as location. I can speak to the obstacles we encountered in building the tool we offer for users to geolocate photographs.

    I’m also interested in discussing the institutional perspective on “crowdsourced” data. ┬áHaving read the other posts here, this topic seems a little thin, but I’m thinking it may fit nicely as a side conversation in one of the many related discussions.