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    Adam Kriesberg

    I am a first year PhD student at the University of Michigan's School of Information. My research interests focus on digital archives and cyberinfrastructure in humanities disciplines. By studying the information needs and practices of humanities scholars, we can begin to articulate what sustainable digital practice in these disciplines looks like and how it can be maintained. Approaching the digital humanities from an archival perspective, I try to reinterpret traditional archival principles for use in a born-digital environment.

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    Embracing the multi-dimensionality of digital resources

    Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 | akriesberg

    Similar to some of the other posts that have popped up recently, my current work focuses on the impacts of digital resources in the classroom. Specifically (in my ongoing project), I’m interested in how students learn new languages when curricula incorporate a variety of multimedia tools developed specifically for students. This is especially interesting for nontraditional or endangered languages that do not command market development of resources for educators. These educators create resources to teach their students, but which also function as cultural artifacts of underrepresented languages.

    I’m also interested in the larger implications of putting these resources online for use by a wider audience. I’d love to talk with other THATCampers who create and use Open Educational Resources or other born-digital materials in their classroom. Can digital resources help bridge the gap between teaching, research, and collaboration online? How can we assess the long-term value of these materials and ensure their preservation into the future?

    More generally, I just wanted to say how excited I am for what I know will be an amazing experience. I can’t wait to meet everyone and discuss all of the exciting topics I’ve been reading about!