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    Mita Williams

    I'm the User Experience Librarian at the Leddy Library, University of Windsor.

    At the moment, I’m knee-deep in Drupal trying to work through various ideas how to make the academic library website a little closer to becoming a platform that can support the libraries of many groups and individuals.

    I'm also currently moderating Season 1.5 of Urgent Evoke, a 10 week course on changing the world designed by Jane McGonigal and sponsored by the World Bank Institute.

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    Bibliographic connective tissue

    Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 | Mita Williams

    “Instead of collecting from the vast information world for our patron base, we will collect unique materials from our patron base to preserve and present to the world” – Dorothea Salo.

    I’m in the small (but mighty) camp of librarians who hold that the future of librarianship is dependent on turning our collections work inside out.  While we deal with this profound re-understanding of our collecting and preservation work,  libraries must also, as Dave Lankes has recently put it, facilitate knowledge creation in our communities.  In other words, we need to re-consider and re-imagine how the library can act as a platform for research, scholarship, teaching, and conversation.

    At my place of work, we have an open source library catalogue (Evergreen), an open source learning management system (Sakai), and an open source course reserves system (Syrup). We are in the process of rebuilding the library website in Drupal 7 and developing our own discovery layer called jamun.  Creating and strengthening the bibliographic connective tissue between these systems so works can be readily found, read, used and re-used is what is consuming me at the moment (…that, and games and maps).