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    THATCamp Girl Geek Dinner

    Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 | gravesle

    I would like to cordially invite any girl geeks that will be in town for Great Lakes THATCamp to join us for our April Michigan Girl Geek dinner on Saturday, April 30th!

    Join us around 5:30pm and grab a beer. Introductions start at 6:00pm. Stay for dinner! This is our chance to get together and learn from each other. Bring a friend!

    We don’t have a sponsor so you will have to pay for your own meal and beverage.

    You can learn more about Girl Geek dinners here:http://girlgeekdinners.com/

    We’ll have a table reserved! Look for the group of fabulous Girl Geeks. Big thanks to MBC for giving us meeting space!

    Michigan Brewing Company
    402 S Washington Sq
    Lansing, MI

    Men are more than welcome to attend! You just need an invite from a female attending the event!

    See you Friday!! 🙂

    I see, you see, MOOC

    Thursday, April 14th, 2011 | gravesle

    What is a MOOC? (pronounced Moo-See) It’s a Massively Open Online Course.  We’re elbow deep into the process of creating our first open online course and we (not the royal we – we as in Leigh and Andrea) are looking to bounce ideas off of the THAT campers. (Andrea will be there in spirt as she’s presenting elsewhere that day!)  I’ll share other successful examples (and failures) and would like to open a dialogue to solicit feedback, advice, support from fellow participants on how to proceed with our ideas.

    Specifically, I would like to focus the discussion on feedback in MOOCs.  In our research so far, a lot of focus has been on the experience and content – but the feedback arena is fairly silent.

    Additionally, we’re using WordPress + Buddy Press, so anyone with experience in that area will be highly coveted 🙂

    Looking forward to talking!