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    Kevin Hawkins

    I am part librarian, part programmer, part editor, and part project manager. I supervise the unit at the University of Michigan Library responsible for digitization and document format conversion operations for MPublishing. This involves developing and overseeing standardized workflows for the conversion of born-digital scholarly literature (and some literature reformatted from print) to standard file formats (XML and TIFF) for long-term preservation and output in various media. I am very involved in the activities of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium and sometimes pretend to be an expert on copyright law.

    My Posts

    paper vs. digital preservation costs

    Saturday, April 30th, 2011 | kshawkin

    During the session today on born-digital objects, discussion briefly digressed onto the question of how much it costs to store content on digital media vs. print.  I didn’t think at the time to mention this recent study on that very question.

    Helpathon for digital projects and digital publishing

    Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 | kshawkin

    According to the information on how to propose a session from the original THATCamp (“THATCamp Prime”), one session genre is a helpathon, where you “describe problems you want solved and questions you want answered, and strangers magically show up to hear about what you’re doing and to give you their perspective and advice.”  This is the opposite: I would like to offer help for people trying to translate a fuzzy idea into something more specific, approaching a data model and set of recommended tools for making it happen.  If you have some source material that you’d like to put online but don’t know where to start, or you’d like to create some sort of born-digital resource but are having trouble conceptualizing it, I’m your man.  My expertise is in documents and metadata but I can say a thing or two about non-textual documents and interactive resources.