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    Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 | shawn_graham

    Hi everyone,

    I find myself at the moment up to my neck in game related work. In one project, I’m trying to develope an immersive archaeological application that would draw from archaeological repositories (eventually); in another, I find myself the project manager of a project to develop a game around ideas of ‘first contact’ between first nations and europeans here in Canada. So… what I’m hoping to glean from the collective wisdom of THATCamp, is how to manage these projects. What have other people done? What works, what doesn’t.  From a larger point of view, there are obvious paedegogical ends to these kinds of projects – but what about research? What does building an argument-in-a-game allow us to do that a straightforward article etc couldn’t accomplish more easily? These are the kinds of questions swirling around my head these days…