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  • Faculty-archives collaboration in digital humanities


    I was thinking of proposing a camp discussion topic on faculty-archives collaboration in digital humanities to support interdisciplinary scholarship, enhance metadata (DC, EAD, TEI, etc) collaboratively.   Archives are a source of knowledge that can be used and re-used for scholarly research and/or administrative decision-making purposes,  but rigid (and often obsolete) description standards may render valuable collections hidden to potential users.

    • Can archives work with researchers to update the terminologies (controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, ontologies) periodically to facilitate the retrieval of old records?
    • Can archives support interdisciplinary research in digital humanities through collaborative metadata enhancement?
    • What improvements can archives make to promote research in specific fields (such as disability history/disability studies)? Will updated controlled vocabularies or techniques such as taxonomy mapping (between older and newer collections) work here?

    These are just questions.  I don’t expect all to be answered but will look forward to THAT camp for good ideas and discussions.